eVSM v5 to v8 License Transfer

This page may be used to transfer eVSM license versions v5 through v8 to a new PC. For v9 and later versions, and to view the eVSM license transfer policy, go to https://evsm.com/transfer. eVSM v4 and older versions are no longer supported.

Note that the hardware lock is based on the PC's Hardware ID# (fingerprint). This is unique for each PC. It will change if the PC's hard-drive is reformatted or the OS re-installed. You can get the PC's HardwareID# after installing eVSM by clicking "Start>Programs>eVSM Software>Get HardwareID#".

License Transfer Steps
To transfer the license to another PC and/or user, please complete all fields below and click the submit button. If your information is validated correctly in our database, you will receive a new activation key via E-mail within a few minutes. If you see any problems or if you do not receive an Email with your new activation key, please contact support@evsm.com
  1. Enter Product Key

  If you do not have this, please request it from support@evsm.com

Enter your Product Key, License#, or CD#


 not case sensitive

  2. Provide Reason for License Transfer


e.g. Replaced PC

  3. Un-install eVSM from the Old Machine

  How to Un-install eVSM

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  4. Install eVSM on New PC

If you have not already installed eVSM on your new PC, then download and install the version you own from:


  5. Enter HardwareID# for New PC


  To get this, click "Start>All Programs>eVSM Software>Get Hardware ID"  

  6. Enter End-User Contact Details



First name


Last name





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